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Jeremy James Awards Winner - “Best Pool Party” - Orlando DoubleTree



DJ Jeremy James Spinning poolside in Orlando 2013.

Dj Jeremy James and Paris Hollins in the Creative Stages of doing a Mix for Cheryl B. Called "All I Wanna Do"

A DJ Jeremy James mix of Kelly Rowlands What a Feeling. There is also a few classic circuit loops and vocal samples throughout the mix. I hope you like it. I think you'll love it!! Mixed by: DJ Jeremy James I created this mix for the G.I.R.L. radio contest.

GayDays 2013 Pool Party

Making of Cheryl B. - All I wanna do

Kelly Rowland - What a feeling

Inaya Day

Dj Jeremy James spins Big vocals, as usual, from Inaya day with some classic circuit samples. Fierce song